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With this year’s summer proving to be lacking in the tan-worthy weather department, many of us are reminiscing on past summer days. And, in a bid to induce those feelings in his listeners, multi-talented artist Samuel Jack has just dropped his latest track, “Feels Like Summer”. Boasting the artist’s character-filled vocals layered over a pulsating bass, the track is a shimmering ode to living in a joyful moment, which is set alight with the triumphant burst of trumpet instrumentation. And, with a music video offering the scenes of a carefree day spent soaking in the sun, the project becomes all the more summery.

“I was inspired to write the song after a conversation with a friend. We were reminiscing about summers gone by. Moments and memories of growing up that were carefree and magical. I remember those times well. I wanted to create something that could also transcend the listener, to ignite a feeling, a memory that not necessarily was specific to summer, but brought a warmth, joy and happiness reminiscent of summer,” explains Samuel when discussing the premise of his new track.

Upon the release of his latest summer cut, the artist sat down with Wonderland to discuss the influence his teen years had on his career, his inspirations and what’s next for him. Head to wonderland.com for the full article

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